Myth vs Science: Who can you trust?

My most favorite skin science blogger shared some information on her Instagram Stories today and I felt the need to co-sign her work and share it with my readers. Lab Muffin is her blogger name. If you’re into this sort of thing, her website is a valuable treasure trove of scientific skin health information.

She shared that she was very interested in switching to an ethical beauty line called, Australin Ethical, and was very excited when that company came out with an Ethical Beauty Guide. Upon immediate examination, this “guide” was filled to the brim with complete skin care myth. One of the first photos that she shared is the one that accompanies this article. It states that coconut oil and sebum have the same pH of 0.5.

Folks, 0.5 is the pH of battery acid. The pH of skin is 4-5.5. Also, coconut oil is an occlusive meaning that it rests on the surface of the skin and doesn’t penetrate. It’s also comodegenic meaning that it can cause breakouts.

The point of this article is to let you know that you can NOT trust every article or every smooth talking product representative to supply you with the correct information. Some people in this business are sales people, not skin people. I have literally made it my life’s work to have everything that I do professionally be about expanding my knowledge of skin health. Some beauty bloggers are simply parrots. they think they are repeating correct information, yet they haven’t researched to be sure that they’re passing out responsible information. I’m sure they have the best of intentions, but their delivery is lazy and uninformed.

Before you submit to a quick talking sales girl, flashy packaging or a sponsored bloggers recommendation, consult your skin specialist. I can’t guarantee that every person with the title of “esthetician” is going to be of great value. But, take a look at their wall. If they have certifications up there, that means they’re serious. That means that they have researched, spent loads of money and ran the gauntlet so that they can bring you the safest, most up to date and educated services that they possibly can.

Most estheticians offer free consultations as well as a full range of tried and true skincare products to help you. Just because we aren’t Medical Doctors doesn’t mean that we aren’t trained or well qualified to diagnose skin conditions as well as suggest a treatment plan. When it comes to rashes or skin spots, head to your Dermatologist. For acne, dry skin, hyper pigmentation or rosacea, see a skin care therapist! You can also see us for unwanted body or facial hair as well as some beauty services. Another great perk about choosing an esthetican is that we’re trained to give very relaxing therapies that include massage. Ahhhh, lympatic drainage !

Seriously, don’t go to Ulta looking for a skincare routine. Make an appointment with an Esthetician, tell her everything, get a recommendation and give it three months. You will get a better experience and you won’t blow your entire paycheck.  Your pocket and your skin will be glad you did!

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