But, does it have chemicals?

One of the biggest selling points of many product lines is that they’re, “all natural” or “free of chemicals”. It just isn’t true. It’s impossible. Otherwise, you would open up your moisturizer container to see water,  a big hunk of molded aloe leaf and some mushy oatmeal.



  a compound or substance that has been purified or prepared, especially artificially.


Chemically modified substances are required to keep your products microbe free as well as to make the beneficial ingredients small enough, molecular wise, to absorb into your skin.

Let’s pull an ingredient list from a very popular line, Eminence Organics. They have a moisturizer called, Clear Skin Probiotic Moisturizer. About halfway down on the ingredients list is, Cetearyl Alcohol. This is a combination of two alcohols that are chemically blended together at the molecular level. It is used as a thickener in cosmetic products. It’s a chemical.
How about something from Doterra, the leader in MLM essential oils and natural remedies. Many of their products have Glycerin right at the top of their list of ingredients. This ingredient begins as a fatty acid and then undergoes a chemical process called saponification in order to become an ingredient that is appropriate for skincare. It’s a chemical.
“But, wait” you say, “Glycerin comes from plant sources!”  Yes it does, and so does aspirin, penicillin, cocaine, ephedrine, nicotine and heroine.
Let’s look at another example of something that is purified artificially. Let’s visit hemodialysis. Let’s say John is a dialysis patient. His blood is removed from his body, run through an artificial filter and then replaced back in his body. According to the definition of a chemical, that would make John’s blood a chemical, as it has undergone artificial purification. Crazy, right ?
My point is that “all natural” is a gimmick. If I took tobacco and nicotine, rolled them up into paper and put some cotton on the end, it’s all natural. If I put flame to that invention, it’s still all natural. We all know that’s a cigarette and we all know what cigarettes can do. But Phillip-Morris can absolutely slap an “all natural” label on their products. It doesn’t make them the gold standard in health and wellness.
When you ask me if my products have chemicals, I literally never know how to properly address that question. “Yes” is the answer and it’s always the answer no matter what skincare line you’re asking about. Some of my products have cranberry extract and some have hydroquinone. Hydroquinone comes from the abdomen of a beetle (natural) and was also banned by the FDA for a short time in 2010 until they deemed it non-toxic. It’s a bad-ass tool for hyperpigmentation.
If you want a very gentle granola type skincare regime, I can do that for you. If you want a heavy hitter for serious skin correction, I can do that too. All of my products are derived from nature, but what isn’t ? We have to have something, a base, to experiment with and to modify. That’s how we find the cures for diseases and the causes of diseases. That’s SCIENCE folks, skin or otherwise…
…. I’m going to sign off now, because I’m rambling, but, hopefully this blog gave you some food for thought…

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