Dry Skin vs Dehydrated Skin

“What can you tell me about your skin?” That’s usually my opening question when I’m beginning a facial. The client typically starts with their most bothersome skin condition. Being that it’s winter in the Midwest, I hear dry skin very often. My typical instinct when I hear that dry skin is the issue, is to get my hands on their face. I want to feel their skin. The number one characteristic of truly dry skin, is a rough texture. More often than not, clients who claim dry skin, have a smooth texture. This usually leads me to my first (generally correct) assumption. This client truly feels that they have dry skin and they’re likely over exfoliating at home and the epidermal barrier is distressed.

As the facial moves on, since dryness is ruled out, I start to look for signs of over exfoliation. Is the skin reactive to my products? Is the skin hot to my touch? Does the skin seem a bit shiny or thin? Do I have any water left on my hands after cleansing, or did their skin drink it right up? Usually, all signs point to a dehydrated, over exfoliated epidermal barrier.

Now that the problem is assessed, what do we do? My philosophy on skincare is this: Less is more. When correcting skin conditions, I always suggest working on one botheration at a time. If it’s the dryness that bothers you the most, lets work on that. If you are then bothered by discoloration, lets add some peels to your routine. Don’t go hard in the paint right after the coin toss. Ease into it. Try alternating a manual and chemical exfoliant twice a week (see my blog about exfoliants). Try adding a toner to your routine. Toning is the first step in moisturizing, after all. Try also adding the correct moisturizer.

If this is you, Sorella Apothecary has a lovely Try Me kit packaged in a gorgeous vegan leather bag. In this kit are the PERFECT tools for addressing a distressed dehydrated epidermal barrier. It includes Apricot Mango Cleansing Milk, Watermelon Mint Hydrating Toner, Main Squeeze Hydrating Serum and The Balm intensive moisturizer. All of these products are pure and nourishing. At Sorella, their goal is to repair and preserve the epidermal barrier. This kit uses ingredients like Aloe, Apricot Oil, Rosemary, Acai and Snow Mushroom to calm and hydrate distressed skin.

In correlation with your home skincare routine, be sure to drink water. Did you know that when you’re dehydrated, all of your five vital organs get water before your skin? Even after those five, there are 72 more that need water as well as your skin! Although I’m grateful for this pecking order, I’d still like to have plump radiant skin, so bottoms up on the water bottles!

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