Live Follow Up: Building your skincare routine.

I never would have imagined the positive response that my live video received from my Facebook community. I’m not one of those types of people who enjoys seeing or hearing myself on video, so I don’t do them very often. However, it seems that I really helped some people better grasp a manageable skincare routine. Due to that fact, I’ll likely be doing more of them.

As I watched my video back, I realized that I left quite a few thigs out, or didn’t go as in depth as I could have on certain facets of my routine. That led me to the idea of more videos, but break down the routine into steps. I also thought that many of you may want to see the steps written down, so that’s what this is! Let’s get into it.

The basic four step routine is as following: Cleanse, Tone, Treat, Hydrate. That’s the bare minimum of a normal skincare routine. Every step can be broken down into many parts with many different products and ingredients, but in the spirit of keeping it simple, we will do just that. My next series of lives will break down each step, and we can get more in depth in the future.

AM Step 1 Cleanse: In the morning, when you get ready for the day, grab a clean wash cloth. DO NOT USE A MAKEUP WIPE. Those are for Fannies, Flights or Festivals. Choose a cleanser that you feel your skin can benefit from that day. Are you hung over? Did you get some some sun the day before? In those scenarios, in order to not strip away what little moisture you have, a milk cleanser would be best . Alternatively, did you play sports the day before? Did you sweat a ton and now your skin is likely to breakout? Is your skin just very oily and you are breakout prone? In those scenarios, a gel cleanser would be ideal. Remember, your face isn’t a car wash, you don’t need lots of bubbles. In the odd case that you may have slept in your makeup, do a double cleanse by using a cleansing balm, milky cleanser, skin oil or micellar water prior to your actual cleanse. Remember not to wash your face in the shower, because it’s too hot. Use a damp wash cloth, rinse it thoroughly and hang to dry.

AM Step Two Tone: In the morning, it’s good to use an acid toner if your skin can handle it. If you’re a bit in the dark about which acid toner is right for you, or if an acid is right for you at all, stay tuned to my Facebook page. If you’re the party animal or sun goddess from step one, an acid toner is right. If you’re the softball queen or dewy maiden from step one, also an acid toner. If your skin is angry, sensitive or reactive, stick with a hydrating toner.

Mini Step Eye Gel (if you’re using eye products) A gel is typically firming and that’s what we need during the day.

AM Step Three Treat: Step three is my favorite. This is the icing on the skincare cake. The serums are the best, sweetest and most delicious part. You have SO MANY options and I know it can be over whelming. We will break down the serum puzzle in future lives and blog posts. At this point, it would benefit most people to add a vitamin C ( L ascorbic acid) to their morning routine. Vitamin C is multi faceted and gives almost immediate results. It can produce a bit of sensitivity for some skin types, so take it slow. Add it gradually once a day or every other day to be sure your skin can handle it.

Let’s also circle back to the live and talk about the price point of good serums. Quality ingredients are not easy or cheap to source. Unfortunately, that expense reflects in the price point on our end. Spend good money on the right serums and use them sparingly.

AM Step Four Hydrate: This is another step where you have to choose the product that feels right for you that day. I have a small arsenal of moisturizers. One that is a basic nourishing hydrator, one that is very light and water based with Salicylic acid and a heavier balm. Mostly, for daytime use, I choose a lighter water based moisturizer since I tend to get oily throughout the day. If you’re dry, find one that has a slightly heavier consistency and includes hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid holds onto the moisture for you and prevents transepidermal water loss. Also, if you’re dry or dehydrated, spritzing a hydrating toner (with hyaluronic acid) will give your moisturizer a boost. Slather on your moisturizer while your skin is still damp from the toner.

SPF 30 or above Be sun smart, babes. Don’t get a sunburn and don’t turn yourself into a leather glove. Please.

In the evening, the steps are the same but the products are different.

PM Step One Cleanse If you’re wearing sunscreen or makeup, always do a double cleanse. DO NOT USE A MAKEUP WIPE. Use a Micellar water and cotton, Skin balm, Skin oil or Milk Cleanser and a wash cloth to remove all bits of makeup and/or SPF. Once again choose a second cleanser that fits your skin that day. I do tend to go for more hydration while I’m sleeping. Personal preference.

PM Step Two Tone: Tone with a hydrating toner in the evening.

Mini Step Eye Cream: Heavier eye creams are best at night or a Retinol eye cream if you’re battling fine lines.

PM Step Three Treat: Night time is for retinoids. If you have any skin concerns as far as fine lines, wrinkles, acne, or hyperpigmentation, a retinol is for you. Not all retinoids are created equal. We’ll get into that later. For the purposes of this blog, if you’re fighting acne , use Adapelene (Differin gel) you can get it at Target. If you have any other concerns, I have a beautiful serum for you in the spa. It’s called All Night serum by Sorella Apothecary.

After applying a retinol, let it sit. Go make a cup of tea, brush your teeth, dry your hair, just give it 10 minutes.

PM Step Four Hydrate: If you don’t have oily skin, this is where you apply a heavy moisturizer. If you are oily, you can either skip this step ( since you used a hydrating toner) or you can use any moisturizer you like that doesn’t contain actives.

That’s it, y’all. You’ve got a skincare routine in a nutshell. These basic steps can get very in depth and we’ll get into it, but you have so many tools at your fingertips to combat your skin troubles and this is a great start!

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